Stevens Decal Co. provides screen printing, decals and emplems, poster and banners, counter, floor and sidewalk graphics, door and window signs and much more.   Stevens Decal Co. provides quality service with integrity, giving great value to our clients

Process and Quality Control

     Everything manufactured by Stevens Decal is custom made in-house, from original art and computer-aided design to finished product. Our customers have the assurance that no part of their project is subcontracted.

     Attention to detail and product durability depend on workmanship, the quality of basic materials and the integrity of the manufacturer. At Stevens Decal we do not ship unless the product measures up to your specifications and our own exacting standards.

     We use all the time-honored raw materials to produce according to customer specs, but when you ask for our recommendation we may suggest 3M. As an authorized 3M Fabricator, we manufacture all 3M Products with the 3M Matched Component System for maximum brilliance and durability. Our fully staffed and equipped art department is Macintosh and PC based using software such as: Adobe Illustrator 9, Freehand 10, In Design 1.5.2 , Photoshop 6, QuarkXpress 4.0.1. and Corel Draw 9.

     Part of our job is to explain why there's more to screenprinting than getting it done as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Our experienced staff will help you make the choices concerning substrates, processes, and methodology. We will assist you with samples or suggestions and whatever help you need. Also, we will stand behind every job we produce. Our job is to help make you successful--to help you advertise your products, to deliver your screenprinting order on schedule, economically and hassle-free.


At Stevens Decal Company
The Customer Is The Boss.

Company Bio and History

     Born in Amarillo, Texas July 19, 1927, Eugene Stevens was the eldest of three brothers and three sisters. The family's roots were in Chicago, Illinois where Eugene as a young man, started his working career. After a few select jobs, Eugene gained employment with a silk screen printing firm and had found his calling. After working as production manager for a few years, Eugene was eager to move his family out West and did so in 1955.

     He worked for a couple of companies in the same field that he had grown to love back in Chicago. After a period of time, he felt he could run his own screen printing operation. On a shoestring, he started Stevens Decal Co. in 1959 in a renovated building at 16th St and Oak and soon after moving into a more accommodating facility he hired his first employee (his brother) Harry Stevens.

     Together, the first few years were very tough selling by day and printing by night. Eugene was very determined and worked long hours to succeed and even built his own equipment, drying racks and most other necessities to move forward in the industry.

     Eugene was a gentle and very honest man and well liked not only by his customers but also by his employees. He had set high standards due to his hard work and Stevens Decal Co.'s motto was to give the customer a quality product, a fair price and a reasonable delivery time. Stevens Decal Co. was built into one of the largest screen printing companies in the Southwest due to Eugene's belief in slow and steady growth and of course, his motto.

     Eugene Stevens passed away in 1988 leaving the company to his lovely wife Linda with the option of selling or making a go of it. Linda decided to make it work knowing Eugene's son Andrew Stevens was brought up in the industry and wanted to run his father's business and carry on what he had built through the years. Linda has since retired and turned over the company to Andrew, who strives to continue the reputation of his father's company. He is determined by his hard work and dedication to further the success of Stevens Decal Co.


Helping you look good, Since 1959 Stevens Decal Co

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